July 2014 Energy shift

 Hi there !  How are you ? I told you about 5 weeks ago that the next post I had up would be about a big energy shift headed our way. We’ll we are at that moment now so I wanted to let you all know about the big shift starting today.
Firstly, I will apologize for the length of this but it took a lot of space to go over all of these changes taking place.
I know many of my friends have had a rough go of it lately but I want you to know that your hard work and perseverance is about to pay off if you’ve put your energy in the right places.
Many of you have gone through some ..well downright unpleasant changes since last winter when some of  these transits started. There has been a lot of soul searching , inner analyzation , backing and forthing and well in some cases just plain silliness.
There has been a long introversion period which started late last year and Mars, Venus and the Nodes have been asking us to question where things are out of balance or where you have given up control to someone or something else.
This has all been a process to figure out where we stand in the world , where we are appreciated, what is not working in our lives and where we need to be. I know the frustration level has been nearly unbearable at times as I think we all have felt like we were stuck and could barely make any progress.
I’m not telling you that everything will magically change overnight but the energy shift will be one that we can much more easily manifest what it is that we need in our lives at this point. Many of the walls, barriers and bullshit has been torn down. There are still tasks to be performed and garbage to be taken out but indeed the light at the end of the tunnel may NOT be a train afterall.
So I’m going to ask you a favor now…I know there have been people, jobs, living situations etc., that may have been holding you back. Over these next 2 weeks we have the ability to transform situations that have been stuck for a long time. I’m asking you to give it 1 more try at this time. If you feel you have made every effort to reconcile the given situation then right now is the time to make your break. The energy is behind you now! Go..exhale..breathe..create…manifest!
There is a new reality for all of us just waiting for us to create it. Find the people that love you, find the job that fits your soul , manifest your reality.
So to start off I’ll give you a breakdown of all the general energy shift that’s going on. Normally there are few planetary sign changes every month and maybe a planet changes direction here and there. However between July 12th and 25th nearly every planet and luminary changes sign or direction. That’s several months of activity in a 2 week period.
In this 2 week period we have a Full Moon, a new Moon [ that’s normal ], The Sun, Mercury and Venus change signs [ that’s normal ], but on top of that we also have Saturn and Uranus changing direction on back to back days [ not normal ], Jupiter changing signs [ happens once a year ], Mars changing signs [ normally this happens every 2 months but this time Mars has been in Libra for  8 MONTHS due to retrogrades] and we also have Mars conjuncting the North Node [ happens every 2 years normally].
There are 10 Lunar events, sign changes or planetary direction shifts in a 2 week period. I am going to repeat and bold  this to underscore the massive shift in energy.  There are 10 Lunar events, sign changes or planetary direction shifts in a 2 week period !!!
On top of this there is still the Uranus Pluto square still working in the midst of a Cardinal T- square going on as well ! If you wanted an energy shift you’re not going to get much better than this !
This is in a 2 week period people. The birth chart for someone born July 12th and July 25th of this year will look virtually nothing alike. The only planets not changing direction or sign will be Neptune and Pluto. This is unprecedented in my recollection.
As with everything else in life Bill Hicks said it best “Don’t  be afraid….ever !”
So here’s some nerdy mathy stuff for those of you so inclined and a very brief description.
July 12 – Full Moon                             7:25 a.m.   2 Capricorn – self accountability
July 13- Mercury enters Cancer          12:45 a.m.  0 Cancer – increased empathy
July 14- Mars conjunct North Node                      24 Libra – new energy patterns
July 16- Jupiter enters Leo                   6:30 a.m.    0 Leo – self actualization
July 18- Venus enters Cancer              10:06 a.m.  0 Cancer- increased empathy
July 20- Saturn stations Direct             4:36 p.m.   17 Scorpio- time to move forward
July 21- Uranus stations Retrograde   10:53 pm    17 Aries- breaking free of old cycles
July 22-Sun enters Leo                         5:41 p.m.   0 Leo- self actualization
July 25-Mars enters Scorpio                10:25 p.m. 0 Scorpio – ends 8 month transit
July 26- New Moon                              6:42 p.m.   4 Leo – self actualization
Outer Planets
Saturn inconjunct Uranus – exact –adjustments needed
Pluto square Uranus T-square – 4 degree orb – change, rebellion, breaking free from what has power over you
Pluto and Saturn in mutual reception – 4 degree orb – self accountability, creating your own, new power structures, transformation.
Cardinal Grand Square reactivated at times as inner planets go through Cancer – change, establishing emotional freedom and inner security by taking away the power from anything or anyone that has control over you
JULY 12TH                                              JULY 26th
SUN-CANCER –WATER                      LEO-FIRE
VENUS- GEMINI-AIR                          CANCER-WATER
MARS-LIBRA-AIR                                SCORPIO-WATER
URANUS-DIRECT                                URANUS- RETROGRADE
Inner planets will trine Neptune [ spirituality ] and then trine Saturn [ physical form/ results ] as they travel through Cancer
Lastly I will also share with you the lessons this  little fishy learned through the
Mars in Libra transit:
1.     Be here now
2.     Interact with your environment
3.     Do fewer things….but  better
4.     Artistically create  balance out of chaos

5.     Use help from others to bring  events to their conclusion
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Academy Awards wrap up

Okay, this was my first stab at an Awards show so here are the winning planetary alignments in the Birth charts for the Academy Award winners [ i picked 1 of 6 correctly ].

12 Years a slave- Neptune @ 2 Pisces, North Node @ 7 Scorpio

Matthew McConaughey- Sun at 11 Scorpio, North Node @ 11 Pisces , Neptune 27 Scorpio, Mercury @ 2 Scorpio

Cate Blanchett- Venus @ Aries, Saturn @ 1 Taurus, Jupiter @27 Scorpio

Jared Lato- Mars @ 29 Pisces

Lupita Nyong’o- Sun @ 9 Pisces, North Node @ 1 Cancer ,Saturn @ 4 Scorpio

Alfonso Cuaron-Mercury @ 23 Scorpio, Venus @ 21 Scorpio Neptune @11 Scorpio

So with the current planetary positions you can see that they all have planets that were aspected by the Jupiter station @ 10 Cancer this week as well as Neptune in Pisces and ,the  North Node and Saturn in Scorpio.

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Academy Awards and Astrology predictions

  In general, I rank awards shows just slightly less painful than trips to the Dentists office or a weekend spent in a Turkish prison after a National Holiday. That being said… I am a pisces and being a fish person I do love a little bit of self-martyrdom to balance out my savior complex so I do tune into the occasional award show just to make sure that anyone I like doesn’t accidentally win something and screw up my run of never voting for anyone who has won anything. This also feeds into my love of the underdog as well.
So as you know I love applying Astrology to everything so even though in reality I have limited interest in the Oscars if I can use Astrology to make wild half guesses on it then I’m in!!
I kid though, I watch a lot of movies actually but I have seen few of these as I usually catch movies on DVD .I have not allowed any of my personal preferences here just looked at the charts of everyone in a few categories as a little mad scientist experiment.
Okay enough with babbling  ..here are my predictions for  the top 6 categories at this year’s Academy awards ceremony.
The nominees are……
Best Picture
·         American Hustle
·         Captain Phillips
·         Dallas Buyers Club
·         Gravity
·         Her
·         Nebraska
·         Philomena
·         12 Years a Slave
·         The Wolf of Wall Street
Best Actor in a Leading Role
·         Christian Bale (American Hustle)
·         Bruce Dern (Nebraska)
·         Leonardo DiCaprio (The Wolf of Wall Street)
·         Chiwetel Ejiofor (12 Years a Slave)
·         Matthew McConaughey (Dallas Buyers Club)
Best Actress in a Leading Role
·         Amy Adams (American Hustle)
·         Cate Blanchett (Blue Jasmine)
·         Sandra Bullock (Gravity)
·         Judi Dench (Philomena)
·         Meryl Streep (August: Osage County)
Best Actor in a Supporting Role
·         Barkhad Abdi (Captain Phillips)
·         Bradley Cooper (American Hustle)
·         Michael Fassbender (12 Years a Slave)
·         Jonah Hill (The Wolf of Wall Street)
·         Jared Leto (Dallas Buyers Club)
Best Actress in a Supporting Role
·         Sally Hawkins (Blue Jasmine)
·         Jennifer Lawrence (American Hustle)
·         Lupita Nyong’o (12 Years a Slave)
·         Julia Roberts (August: Osage County)
·         June Squibb (Nebraska)
Best Directing
·         American Hustle (David O. Russell)
·         Gravity (Alfonso Cuarón)
·         Nebraska (Alexander Payne)
·         12 Years a Slave (Steve McQueen)
·         The Wolf of Wall Street (Martin Scorsese)
Here are my pics which I have ranked by their transits:
Best Actor : Leonardo Dicaprio –Wolf of Wall St.
2.Ejiofor 2 [tie ]. McConaughey  4. Dern  5. Bale
Best Actress: Amy Adams-American Hustle
2.Streep 3. Dench 4. Blanchett 5. Bullock
Best Supporting Actor: [ this one is very close ]  Jonah Hill- Wolf of Wall St.
2.Cooper 3. Abdi  4.Leto  5. Fassbender
Best Supporting Actress : Sally Hawkins- Blue Jasmine
2. Squibb 3.Lawrence 4.Roberts 5. Nyong’o
Best Directing : Alfonso Cuaron- Gravity
2.Russell 3. Scorcese  4. Payne 5. McQueen
Best Film : [ this one was extremely difficult and don’t quote me on this one because all the films nominated were released between 10/4 and 12/26 so there is very little difference between their charts.
Winner: Dallas Buyer’s club

Too little difference to rank the others 
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March 2014

  Hello friends !

It’s a big week Astrotravelers as one of those big energy shifts is upon us so I thought I would share with you what to expect in the next week or so .

So here’s all the Astro geek stuff for those of you so inclined:

Fri. Feb 28th- Mercury goes direct in Aquarius @ 9:00 a.m.
                        Moon enters Pisces @9:53 a.m.
                       Moon conjunct Neptune in Pisces@ 6:17 p.m.
                        Sun in Pisces trine Jupiter in Cancer@11:05 p.m.

Sat. March 1st- New Moon in Pisces @2:59 a.m.
                      Mars stationary retrograde in Libra @ 11:24 a.m.

Sunday March 2nd – Saturn stations retrograde in Scorpio @11:19 a.m. 

Wed. March 5th- Venus enters Aquarius @ 4:03 p.m.

Thursday March 6th – Jupiter stations direct in Cancer @5:42 a.m.

So what does all of this mean ?  Let’s break it down into bite size pieces so as not to stuff our gullet .

Now remember that when a planet stations [ changes speed ] that the energy of that planet is felt much stronger for the week before and at least a few days afterwards. We have stations by Mercury, Mars and Saturn all within 5 days plus a sign change by Venus.

Fri. Feb 28th- Mercury goes direct in Aquarius @ 9:00 a.m.
                        Moon enters Pisces @9:53 a.m.
                      Moon conjunct Neptune in Pisces@ 6:17 p.m.
                        Sun in Pisces trine Jupiter in Cancer@11:05 p.m.

Oh my gosh it’s a Friday Fishie fry ..all about Pisces ! Do you want to take time to listen to your intuition? Do you have things to manifest? Do you want some quiet?  Do you want time to meditate ? Friday through early Sunday you have lots of great energy for all of these things. Unplug and tune into your inner technology!

Sat. March 1st- New Moon in Pisces @2:59 a.m.
                        Mars stationary retrograde in Libra @ 11:24 a.m…Mars stationary in Libra .. are people angry ? You’re damn right they are ..anywhere where they feel they aren’t being treated fairly. Are you perhaps treating someone else unfairly?  Equality and balance are needed here. I’m sure you’ve seen the angry outbursts already by people the last few days.

Sunday March 2nd – Saturn stations retrograde in Scorpio @11:19 a.m. ..okay so Saturn has been cruising along and has mad trines or conjunctions to Jupiter, Chiron , The North Node, Neptune and others over the last 2  [ almost ] years. So now Saturn gets ready for one more retrograde in Scorpio before it leaves this sign near the end of the year. Saturn is all about learning lessons and discipline of course. What did we learn during our relationship and structure revaluing phase  of the last 4 months or so ?

Wed. March 5th- Venus enters Aquarius @ 4:03 p.m.
Finally after months and months of Venus in Capricorn  it will finally leave goatland and move onto Aquarius..surprises..excitement , shocks ..all of the above!!

Thursday March 6th – Jupiter stations direct in Cancer @5:42 a.m.
…..what was going on last November 7th when Cancer stationed and went retrograde at 20 Cancer ? What big picture and philosophical things were you working on at the time? Where are 10-20 degrees of Cancer in your chart. You will revisit these themes as Cancer goes back over it’s shadow.

So overall the Cardinal grand square is still loosely in effect as is the Water grand trine. We are walking the line between physical limitations and spirit! Good luck to all!
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2013 NFL Preview with Astrology

Welcome back for another NFL season and more astrology fun as we use our astrological tools to try and decipher what will happen this season.

Last year we talked about Quarterbacks suffering slumps or setbacks after breakout seasons [ Cam Newton, Alex Smith, Tim Tebow ]. This year will be just as interesting as we had 3 rookie qb’s make the playoffs last year [ RG3 , Russell Wilson and Andrew Luck ]and another unheard of QB [ Colin Kaepernick ] come out of nowhere to lead his team to the Super Bowl].

2 years ago when Newton [ Taurus ], Smith[ Taurus] and Tebow [ Leo which is squared and activated by Taurus ]all stood out as Jupiter was in Taurus . You’ll notice last year all 3 of them dropped off and 2 of the 3 didn’t even finish the season as the starting qb ‘s for their teams.

Last year was all about Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn moving into Scorpio which elevated Kaepernick [ Scorpio ] an Joe Flacco of the Ravens [ Capricorn ] into the Super Bowl. Also notice that Jupiter was in Gemini last year and into the first part of this year which rules birds . The Ravens won the Super Bowl, Louisville Cardinals win the NCAA Basketball tournament and the Chicago Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup…interesting “coincidence” eh ? Not to mention the Atlanta Falcons and Seattle Seahawks also had their best seasons in years and both won playoff games.

So the big question this year is will the young qb’s from last year repeat their performances and who will rise to the top this season. Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Scorpio are still in effect so I like the qb’s from last year to do a little better than the previous years new stars did last season.

As well as Capricorns and Scorpios figuring prominently this year we can also expect Cancer to be very relevant as Jupiter is in that sign for the entire season this year. So you can expect Steven Jackson [ now a Falcon] and other Cancer’s to also rise to the occasion.

So in brief here are my predictions for the upcoming season using my own football knowledge backed up with some Astrology:




1. N.Y. GIANTS 10-6

2. DALLAS  10-6





1. DETROIT 11-5

2. GREEN BAY 10-6


4. CHICAGO 6-10


1. ATLANTA 11-5


3. TAMPA BAY 7-9

4. CAROLINA 6-10





2. SEATTLE 11-5

3. ST. LOUIS 9-7

4. ARIZONA 5-11




1. NEW ENGLAND  12-4

2. MIAMI  9-7

3. BUFFALO  4-12









1. HOUSTON 13-3





1. DENVER 13-3


3. SAN DIEGO 5-11

4. OAKLAND 4-12


Playoff seedings:
























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Welcome everyone ! Welcome to the end ! This is the end of a lot of things in college football this year.  And by and large it shall be good! This is the last year of the lousy BCS system as next year we go to a playoff system as every other sport in the history of earth has had for a century or more.

Also this year we will have Ohio State and USC off of probation [ although  Lane Kiffin has arguably run the Trojans a ground already ]. The end of the terrible, terrible division names for the Big Ten [ Leaders and Legends … what were they possibly thinking?]  Northwestern a legend ?… academically … Yes!! Illinois Leaders ?…if you mean mafia leaders .. then yes!!!!  In football … not so much.  How about naming the divisions the Nerds and the Underachievers divisions.  Anyhoo I kid the big 10.

The other thing that hopefully will come to an end this year is the horrible nonconference schedules that the power house teams play. It’s always been a bit that way but it’s gotten absurd the last couple years , there are only a handful of top 25 teams that will venture to play anyone of reasonable strength outside of their  conference schedule . Hopefully with a playoff system starting next year teams will be forced to improve their strength of schedule to make sure they have enough quality opponents to get into the playoffs.

If you’re a Football fan and not just an Astrology fan you know the face of College Football is massively changing with big name teams switching conferences   and some conferences almost completely changing the last few years [ Big East , Big 12 , Conference USA].

As the game evolves [ Pluto] we see more of these changes as Super Conferences continue to be created and the smaller conferences are getting weaker. The big name teams are staying away from playing any kind of quality non conference opponents . This has always been kinda true but even more so now as teams conference schedules get tougher with more teams in them and with 1 loss almost eliminating you from National Championship Contention . So what we see this year from the schedules is very few good non conference matchups . What does this mean? it means that picking the upsets will be that much more important.

This past couple year’s  what I’ve noticed quite a bit in sports with Astrology is that it appears that many teams in the major sports [ especially in the professional level ] were created in the late 1960’s and therefore have Saturn in the low degrees of Aries which is being transited by Uranus currently.

Saturn is structure and discipline and the status quo and rules Offense in Football . Uranus rules chaos  and excitement and surprising events. How we see this transit play out in the chart of a sports team or an individual player is you get an incredible effort one day and then they are a complete shamble the next . You will notice every year in sports there are teams that pull huge upset ‘s one game and then lose to a far inferior team the next week  .

Now an added caveat to this is that if Uranus is hitting your Saturn it’s more of a good thing if you’re traditionally bad , because you want the status quo upset .If you’re traditionally good , you don’t want the status quo upset .

That being said you will see an upset or 2 every week but there’s usually a few weeks during the season where you will see more upsets than usual. These are usually centered around planetary statons [ normally Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto].

Here are the weekends in college football where you can expect to see more upsets than normal:

September 21- Pluto stations on 09/20

November 9- Okay I’m calling it right here …. this is going to be the weird one this season. Jupiter stations on 11/7 Mercury stations on 11/10 and Neptune stations on 11/13. That’s 3 stations in 1 week , I  don’t know exactly  what’s going to happen here but it is going to be interesting and there will be surprises.

November 16 – Neptune stations on Wed 11/13 so this energy may be felt on both Saturday 11/9 and 11/16

December 17- Uranus stations on this day which is early in Bowl season. Expect all the games around this day to be wacky.

Another key date to keep in mind is October 19. Mars enters Virgo earlier that week so expect corrections to be made: Any weak teams with surprising records may be exposed and any traditional powers that have underachieved to this point may right their ship.

So here’s what’s in store for this season along with my predictions.

ACC Standings

4.N.C. STATE 7-5
     1.MIAMI FL  9-3
     2.VIRGINIA TECH  9-3
     3.GEORGIA TECH   8-4
     4.NORTH CAROLINA  8-4
     5. DUKE  4-8
     6. PITT 5-7
     7. VIRGINIA  4-8
ACC Championship : Clemson over Miami fl

Big 12 Standings

1. OKLAHOMA ST  11-1

2. TEXAS  9-3

3. TCU  9-3

4. OKLAHOMA  8-4

5. KANSAS ST  8-4

6. BAYLOR  8-4



9. IOWA ST  4-8

10. KANSAS 3-9

American  East Standings

1. LOUISVILLE   11-1

2. CINCY  10-2

3. RUTGERS 8-4

4. CENT. FLA 8-4

5. HOUSTON 7-5

6. S. FLORIDA  6-6


8. TEMPLE 6-6

9. SMU 5-7

10. MEMPHIS 4-8

Big Ten Standings


Big Ten – Legends
1. MICHIGAN  10-3
6.IOWA  4-8
Big Ten – Leaders
1. OHIO ST  12-0
3. INDIANA  7-5
4. PENN ST  7-5
5. PURDUE  5-7
6. ILLINOIS  3-9
Big 10 championship: Ohio over Michigan in a rematch from the previous week
1. OREGON 11-1
3.OREGON ST  8-4
1. ARIZONA ST  9-3
2. ARIZONA  8-4
3. USC  9-4
4. UCLA 8-4
5. UTAH  5-7
6. COLORADO  3-9
PAC 10 Championship: Oregon over Arizona st
1. GEORGIA 10-2
3. FLORIDA  9-3
1. ALABAMA  12-0
2. TEXAS A&M 10-2
3. LSU 9-3
4.OLE MISS  9-3
6.AUBURN  6-6
SEC Championship: Alabama over Georgia
1. OHIO U 10-2
3. MIAMI OH  5-7
4. BUFFALO 6-6
5. AKRON 4-8
6. KENT ST 4-8
7. UMASS 1-11
1. N. ILLINOIS 10-2
2. TOLEDO 8-4
3. BALL ST 8-4
5. C. MICHIGAN 4-8
6. E. MICHIGAN 2-10
MAC Championship: N.illinois over Ohio u.
BYU  7-5

NAVY 7-5

S. MISS 8-4
BOISE ST  10-2
I have no idea what the BCS committee is ever thinking but here’s my stab at the BCS Bowl
 Here are some teams that I think will be much improved from last year:
TOP 25 :
Here’s my preseason top 25 with predicted records:
1.ALABAMA 12-0
2.OHIO ST 12-0
3.OREGON 11-1
6. GEORGIA 10-2
7. STANFORD 10-2
8.CLEMSON 10-2
9. TEXAS A&M 10-2
11. NOTRE DAME 11-2
12. WISCONSIN 10-2
14.LSU 9-3
15.MIAMI FL 9-3
16.FLORIDA 9-3
18. TEXAS 9-3
19.NEBRASKA 10-2
21. OREGON ST 8-4
22.BOISE ST 10-2
23.FRESNO ST 10-2
24. USC 9-4
25.TCU 9-3
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Saturn in Scorpio and the Pittsburgh Pirates

 One of the biggest sports stories of the year so far has been the Pittsburgh Pirates having the best record in baseball a week before the All-Star break. If you’re not familiar with the scenario the Pirates currently hold the dubious distinction of having the record for the most consecutive non-winning seasons in American professional sports history. They have currently gone 21 consecutive years without finishing with a .500or better record. They almost broke the streak last season before tanking in late July through September when the team had a cumulative batting average of only .236.

The Pirates have won or been to several World Series in their history the last being in 1979. They also had one of the best teams in baseball in the early 90’s when Barry Bonds broke into the big leagues. Bonds inability to produce in the post season killed them and they lost to the Reds and then the Braves twice in the NLCS . The game that signaled the demise of the Pirates organization was game 7 of the NLCS vs. the Braves when they had a 2-0 lead in the deciding 7th game going into the 9thinning before the Braves tied and then eventually won the game in extra innings and the Pirates subsequently lost Bonds and several other key players to free agency the following off season and have never recovered

So what has signaled the turnaround now? We’re going to look at the chart for the Pirates  that 1992 NLCS series that began their demise and the current transit of Saturn in Scorpio and put on our astrological detective hat and see if we can find the answers.

Astrologically Saturn has to do with gaining maturity and wisdom, discipline and correcting things that don’t work. Every 28 [ ish ] years every person or team will have what is called a Saturn return. This is a time when big adjustments will be made and new realities can take place. Any transit from Saturn to a birth chart is also a time when restructuring can occur.

Saturn also has to do with limitations and during a Saturn transit we may be faced with limitations or we may be able to remove our limitations through hard work.

Currently Saturn is in Scorpio and Pluto [ death, rebirth, transformation ] is in the sign of Capricorn. Saturn is the planetary ruler of Pluto and Saturn is the planetary ruler of Capricorn. These 2 planets are currently in the sign that the other one rules making them in “mutual reception “. That means the energy of these 2 planets are working very closely together and are helping each other out. In many cases this is helping a lot of people that have been striving to make changes and improve. This can also work negatively if the person is not aware or open to changes when they have these 2 energies in their birth chart [ see Aaron Hernandez for example ].

So the key elements in the chart for the Pittsburgh Pirates is to look at the decline and rebirth of the franchise is their Moon in early Scorpio [ 4 degrees of Scorpio on their noontime birth chart s it should fall in the 4-8 degrees of Scorpio range .]. The Moon correlates with the state of the fans who are the most emotionally attached to the team. The Pirates Saturn is at 15 Taurus [ structure and leadership of the team ] Neptune at 16 Taurus [ injuries and self undoing, victimization and secret enemies ] and their Pluto is at 28 Taurus [ power , destruction and transformation ]. Scorpio is the opposite sign of Taurus and Capricorn forms a nice earthy trine to Taurus.

Interestingly enough if we start at the downfall and the beginning of this losing era for the Pirates it started at game 7 of the 92 NLCS …the end of the last winning season in Pirates history. Immediately we see that Mercury [ communication , mental processes ] is at 10 degrees of Scorpio conjunct the Moon and opposed to the Saturn and Neptune in the Pirates chart signaling transformation. The big dog in this fight though is Pluto in Scorpio for 92 NLCS which sits at 21 Scorpio signaling death and transformation of what had been. Pluto sat in opposition to the Pirates Saturn , Neptune and Pluto…it was the end of an era.

Normally the fix for long standing issues [ e.g. 21 consecutive losing seasons ] is when another planet hits that spot to correct it. So last fall Saturn enters Scorpio and not only does this set off the Taurus and exactly being salso any planets in their respective charts that are in the sign of Scorpio. On an interesting note a lot of the Pirates current players will have been born a few years before this long streak of losing seasons began for the Pirates and thusly will have their Pluto’s in the sign of Scorpio. Saturn in Scorpio will work to refine and focus the energies of these players as it transits past the Pluto’s the different players.

So here are some of the key players on the Pirates and we’ll look at the planets in their charts and how they did last year when Saturn was still in Libra and how they’ve done this season so far with Saturn in Scorpio.

First of all the Pirates have a lot of players with their sun sign in Scorpio and they are mostly on their pitching staff. Jason Grille, Jeff Locke, Charlie Morton and Francisco liriano . Also of note are a couple of players that are not sun sign Scorpio’s but their Sun’s or Pluto’s are being activated by Saturn in Scorpio by conjunctions or squares.

Pedro Alvarez is a sun sign Aquarius but it is being squared by Saturn in Scorpio urging him to action and also his natal Pluto is at 9 Scorpio being conjuncted by Saturn. Sterling Marte has been a big part of the revival this season also turning into an excellent leadoff hitter and he has a  Pluto at 11 Scorpio.

So lets see how these players did last year with Saturn in Libra compared to this year with the focusing influence of Saturn in Scorpio hitting their charts.

Jason Grille-RP- 2011 – W-L 1-6 , 2.91 ERA 2 SAVES  2012- W-L 0-1, 2.15 ERA 28 SAVES IN 29 CHANCES

 Jeff Locke- SP  2011 -W-L 1-3 5.50 ERA   2012 W-L 8-2 2.15 ERA

 Charlie Morton –RP 2011- W-L 2-6 4.65 ERA   2012-W-L 1-2 3.38 ERA

 Francisco liriano-SP 2011- [ with Twins ] W-L 6-12 5.34 ERA   2012 W-L 8-3 2.20 ERA 

Pedro Alvarez-OF  2011- 30 HR 85 RBI .244 BA   2012-22 HR 57 RBI .249 BA

Sterling Marte-OF 2011 .257 BA 5 HR 17 RBI 12 SB   2012- .288 BA 9 HR 27 RBI 27 SB

So thanks to Locke and Liriano for helping my fantasy baseball team and to all of them as I have been a Pirates fan for 34 years .. the last 21 of which have been very long ones.

 So in conclusion I would expect the Pirates to remain a factor until at least a few years down the road when Pluto forms an exact opposition to the Pirates natal Pluto at 28 Taurus.
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Sports Astrology Boston Celtics rebirth and Brad Stevens

The NBA is on the verge of a massive shakeup in the next 2 seasons. Many of the games biggest players are on the verge of retirement [ Duncan, Kobe, Garnett, Ginobli,Wade, Pierce and Parker to name a few ]. Also next years draft class is supposed to be one of the best in years and also Lebron James and several other big names are due to be free agents after next season. This next season will be the end of an era for the NBA and a new one will begin in the 2014-15 season.

Among many of the shocking developments were the number of NBA coaches that posted great season this past year but then fired their coaches after the playoffs. The Nuggets, Clippers and Grizzlies all posted the best or nearly the best seasons in their histories. Also possible the biggest coaching surprise in this offseason was the perhaps the games biggest franchise the Boston Celtics letting their coach Doc Rivers leave to fill the Clippers vacant coaching position. Rivers won 1 NBA championship in his tenure with the Celtics and almost won a second losing a late lead in a game 7 to the Lakers.

The Celtics also let perhaps their 2 biggest start players Paul Piers and Kevin Garnett go to the Brooklyn Nets in a trade clearly signaling a rebuilding phase. But perhaps an even bigger shocker was the Celktics choice for their new coach. Instead of going for a veteran coach or giving the job to one of their assistants they chose to go the college ranks and hire  probably the brightest young coach in the college game and give him the job of coaching the NBA’s winningest franchise as far as NBA championships.

Traditionally in all the pro sports coaches have had a hard time making the move from college to the pro’s. They usually don’t succeed until their 2nd job. Celtics president Danny Ainge chose to go with Butler head coach Brad Stevens in a surprising move.

We’re going to look at the charts for Ainge, Stevens and the Celtics and find the connection points but first we’ll look quickly at the meanings of some of the planets when looking for connections as far as people and organizations.

North Node- future or destiny


Mars- energy , instinctual behavior

Neptune- intuition, gut feelings

Jupiter- the big picture planet , also luck and philosophy..putting it all together in a cohesive system

Saturn- structure, organizations , hierarchy

Uranus – the tribe or group also ability to change

Mercury- mental processes and communication

Danny Ainge’s Jupiter is at 1 Sagittarius , Brad Stevens Mars is at 2 sag. And the Boston Celtics Mars is at 1 sag. Showing that his big picture fits in with the energy of Stevens and the Celtics. Also Ainge has been a source of luck for the Celtics.

Ainge’s Neptune is conjunct the the Jupiter of the Celtics showing they have been lucky for him as well. Also this point is conjunct the Sun , Mars and North Node of Stevens showing they are a good or “ fated” match if you will.

Ainge’s North Node at 14 Libra is conjunct the Pluto and Mercury of Stevens and the Celtics Neptune showing destiny, power structures and intuition and communication between them are good. Again the North Node is destiny/ future and Neptune is intuition. There is a gut feeling between the 3 parties that this is a good and prosperous move for all.

Stevens Saturn and the Celtics Saturn are conjunct in mid leo which is also conjunct Ainge’s Uranus. This shows new opportunities and restructuring of the organization between the 3.

Ainge has a Mars North Node conjunction in mid libra which sits upon the Pluto Mercury conjunction of Stevens and these are trine to the Uranus North Node conjunction in mid Gemini of the Celtics chart. The energies and mental processes of the 3 are aligned.

So only the future will tell but this is at least the story of how different entities come together under surprising circumstances.
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Astrology Baseball preview

It’s that time again … you guessed it .. time to be late on my MLB predictions, but it’s a 162 game season so I think I can be a little late. Were 1/4th of the way through the season so we should start seeing who the contenders are and who the pretenders are.
 First, quick recap from last year [see blog below ]I missed on the World Series champion  http://WWW.markmetheny.com/2012/04/10/sports-astrology-2012-baseball-predictions-with-astrology/
but I did get one of the teams to make it to the World Series correct and I got 3 of the 4 teams correct to make it to the LCS . I would have had all 4 correct had the Reds not completely collapsed against the Giants after winning the first 2 games of the series on the road. Still haven’t figured out what happened there [ Reds fans I’m sure you can relate ]. So had the Big Red machine not become the Big Dead machine I may have had both teams in the World Series correct. Not many people that I know had the Giants winning it all last year. Okay, whining ceased.
Again, I’ve been told I get into to too much technical Astrology stuff so I’m going to keep it to a few things here. The major aspects to look at with teams this year is that Jupiter will enter Cancer in late June and be there through the rest of the season and Saturn and the North Node are in Scorpio and Saturn is still in mutual reception with Pluto in Capricorn. Saturn is planning and hard work and strategy. Pluto is power and obsession. With these 2 in mutual reception those signs and planets will be the winning combinations for this year.
Onto this year’s predictions to see if I can get all of the League Championship Series participants.
1. YANKEES- Played extremely well with a veteran team that’s had a ton of Injuries. They should definitely win the division as they get healthy and should be interesting in the playoffs. Can all these veterans play well the entire season?
2 ORIOLES- Hmmm, this is the toughy. They say the pitching is underrated but the O’s have a really nice chart. Also they have a good amount Scorpio’s which is the key sign I’m watching this year with Saturn and the North Node in that sign. I am intrigued with their chart , they are a definite sleeper and if they can win enough games in the middle of the season to get into the playoffs they will cause people fits.
3 RED SOX- much, much , much improved over last year… the locker room appears to be cancer free! I think they’re not quite as good as they started but they will be in the wildcard hunt u ntil the end.
4 RAYS- Nothing  major happening in their chart so you’ll get the usual. Good pitching , good defense inconsistent hitting , win a lot of games and scare a lot of teams on a small payroll in a city that doesn’t care , brush with the playoffs but not quite make it.
5 BLUE JAYS- Having similar problems to Angels lots of money on the IR not much money on the field. Will play better later but probably too late to save the season.
1 TIGERS- This is their division still and they have the ability to beat anyone when they turn it on. They will be similar to last season although they’re off to a little better start this year. Will be a tough out in playoffs.
2 INDIANS – vastly improved. Starting pitching has been great , free agent pickups Bourner anD Reynolds have been more than could be expected. Francona working his magic and they may just squeeze into playoffs.
3 ROYALS- getting a little better every year. They’re going to compete in the near future.
4 WHITE SOX- No idea really what direction this franchise is going. They will be competitive in stretches but seem directionless.
5 TWINS- Playing fairly well for what they’ve got on their payroll. Respectable.
1 Rangers- Apparently they’re a little smarter than we thought eh ?  Let go of the right guys, got more good young players coming up, not missing a beat. They will be a tough out in the playoffs.
2 A’s- Hitting a bit of an ouchy spot right now but you’ll have that when you keep turning your roster over with young players. Getting their money’s worth at least but may not quite make the playoffs.
3 ANGELS- Aren’t as bad as this but obviously overpaid for Pujols. On an Astrology note The Taurus and Gemini  will be down a bit from last year especially after we get into mid june. John Hamilton is a Taurus. They will regroup a bit in the second half but they’re in trouble this year too much money spend on guys that can’t stay on the field. You can’t buy championshoips!
4 MARINERS- got some nice talent here actually, just missing a few pieces.
5 ASTROS – Bad .
1 NATIONALS- started slow , been inconsistent , Strawsburg off to a bad start record wise but they’re still only a couple games behind Atlanta and Laroche is starting his usual summer warm up. Nartionals barely over the Braves.
2 BRAVES – good young players . Off to a great start but having some injury problems and all those hot young hitters cooled off after the other teams say them a couple times. I’m picking them as a sleeper and will be dangerous if they get in as their transits improve late in the season.
3 METS-  good young pitching but at least a few years away still.
4 PHILLIES- Phillies tail off after late June when Jupiter enters Cancer.
5 MARLINS- Dude, how this is owner still allowed to have a team.
1 CARDINALS- More great young pitchers, great defense, great managing.Matheny [ no relation]  gets the Cards another division title.. and you know what happens when they get in the playoffs.
2 REDS- If they all ever played good at the same time they’d be the greatest team in history. They just hang  around though and one of these years they’re all going to get hot at the end of the year and they’re going to be unstoppable.
3 PIRATES- This is it folks, I predicted they would come close last year but they’re starting pitching is improved and they actually came out ahead in the Hanrahan move. They’re going to win between 88-92 games this year and stop the longest losing season strike in pro sports history.
4 BREWERS-  Wow, lots and lots of great young hitters. If they get some consistent starting pitching in the next couple years they will be scary.
5 CUBS- better than people thought. They actually may have hit bottom and are starting to turn. A couple more bad contracts to get rid of and they can actually improve through free agency.
1 GIANTS- defending champs, getting very little out of their starting rotation but still hanging around first . Will win division and you better be ready to play if you meet them in the playoffs because they won’t go out easy once that Lincecum and Cain get going.
2 ROCKIES- Hmmm, intriguing. Decimated by Injuries last year. Hitting much improved this year, should be slightly better than Arizona but that will be the race for second place.
3 DIAMONDBACKS- of all the teams in the  4 major sports this is the one team chart that I can’t quite figure out how it works. They have great young pitching , hits the lights out sometimes, just can’t quite figure them out. I ‘ll say they win 87-89 games and just miss the playoffs.
4 DODGERS- Similar ordeal to the Jays and Angels. They’ve spent the money but you can’t bring a bunch of free agents together talent wise or mentally when you can’t get them all on the field. They won’t recover this season. The Red Sox are looking awfully smart right now.
5 PADRES-  some good young players but inconsistent and a lot of holes to fill.
[4] Baltimore over [5] Cleveland
Texas over Baltimore
Detroit over Yankees
Detroit over Texas
[4] Cincinnati over [5] Atlanta
St.Louis over Reds
Rangers over Cardinals.
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Lather, Heat, Repeat Astrology and NBA playoffs

I meant to have this up earlier but most years there is very little suspense in the NBA playoffs until you get to the conference finals anyway.
I realize last seasons NBA Playoffs were a bit anti climactic with the Heat having an easier than expected time with the Thunder in the finals. I am not, however, going to let that stop me from doing a little boasting on my playoff predictions from last year. [see below ] http://WWW.markmetheny.com/2012/04/29/astrology-and-nba-playoffs/
Given it was no big feat to pick the Heat to win it all [ however they did get blindsided the year before by the Mavericks ] but I did pick 13 of the 15 series in the playoffs correctly and had all 4  of the conference finalists picked right. I missed only the 4.5 series in the West in the first round and I missed the 76’ers upsetting the no.2 seed Bulls in the first round. I had the Bulls getting upset in the second round. Not to mention I also [with the help of 2 eclipses ] picked Kevin Garnett  [ boosting his ppg to over 20 and helping the Celtics come back to win a game 7 vs. the 76ers and to actually take a 3-2 lead over the Heat after trailing 2 games to none ]and Tony Parker  [ boosting his ppg to over 20 in the and hitting 33 % of his 3 attempts] to explode in the playoffs . Of course both teams fall down go boom after the eclipse but hey, nothing’s permanent.
I ‘ve been told I put too much technical Astrology stuff into these blogs and that nobody really wants to know the mechanics they just want to see the predictions. I will attempt to keep the technical stuff to a minimum.
One of the ruling planets of basketball is Neptune. Basketball is a very unstructured nebulous game. There are few called plays and there is lots of innovation and things tend to be fluid and can change in an instant which makes it interesting. However, Neptune also rules illness and injuries. If anything has dominated this playoffs it’s injuries.
The Pacers [ Grainger ], Celtics [ Rondo, Sullinger ], Thunder [ Westbrook] , Bulls [ Rose, Deng, Hinrich],Knicks [ Stoudamire ], Nuggets [ Galinari ] all have lost all star level players to injuries that limited them or kept them out of the playoffs completely. On top of that the Warriors Curry played through injury the last part of their series against the Spurs .This is the big reason that there were actually 2 upsets [ Bulls, Warriors, Grizzlies ] in the first round of the playoffs and 2 more in the second round [ Grizzlies, Pacers]. These players all had Neptune making a difficult aspect in their chart.
Here’s where we stand so far and my predictions for the conference finals and NBA finals.
[1] HEAT over [3] PACERS- The Pacers have played valiantly in the playoffs . Having gotten to the conference finals with their best player Danny  Granger having not played this entire season due to Injury. The Pacers will give the Heat a battle and almost every game should go down to the wire but the Heat should win in 6.
 [2] SPURS over [5] GRIZZLIES –  The Grizzlies knocked off 2 of the 3 division champions in the West already  [ Clippers and Thunder ] and are going for the third in the Spurs. The Spurs are wiley veterans though and won’t shake easily. The Grizzlies are playing great and should win at least 2 but the Spurs will win this series in 6 also.
HEAT over SPURS – The Spurs are looking more youthful but the Heat have transiting Saturn [ work, planning, attention to detail , focus ] sitting almost to the degree on their North Node [ future, destiny , fate] . Too much for the Spurs to overcome but it will be close. Heat won both regular season matchups by a total of 7 points.  Heat in 6.
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